It’s here!!! I’m thrilled to share this with all of you: for many moons I’ve been in creatrix mode, preparing for this: the FREE 5 day DISCOVER YOUR FEMININE BUSINESS ARCHETYPE guided journey!


Wouldn’t you LOVE to understand your feminine biz archetypes, so you could share your unique superpowers in all areas of your business?


To have a sacred business, we need spiritual work alongside business savvy. Knowing the strengths and shortcomings of your archetypes helps you elevate your marketing, impact, and income.


More and more women are starting businesses not only for FREEDOM with their time and finances, but to share their SOUL GIFTS with the world and fulfill a deeper meaning in their lives.
When you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, you live with more passion, power, and purpose. Empowered, we have the courage to shine our brightest light and share the fullest expression of ourselves.


We start Monday September 18! Check it out: Discover Your Feminine Business Type