Discover Your Feminine Business Archetype


Monday September 18 – Friday September 22, 2017 

Do you desire to understand your business and yourself in a whole new way?  

Are you seeking more magic and meaning in your marketing?

This journey will guide you towards remembering who you truly are and how you can share your soul gifts, embody leadership, and make a bigger impact and income.  

More and more women are starting businesses not only for freedom with their time and finances, but to share their soul gifts with the world and fulfill a deeper meaning in their lives.

The 'Discover Your Feminine Business Archeype" journey is designed for any woman with a business or a business dream — whether you are a Massage Therapist or a Realtor, a Coach or a Healer, or want to be.

During these 5 days, we will explore the 4 divine feminine archetypes of the Maiden, the Mother, the Wild Woman, and the Crone.  

When we understand our business brand personality, we can leverage our own soul blueprint for success. This translates into: 

  • magnetic marketing copy that attracts, 
  • easily enrolling dream clients and making sales, 
  • embodying our unique style of feminine leadership, 
  • and approaching our business as a devotional spiritual practice.  

What is involved? 

You will receive a daily email with a question to journal on or a deepening practice to connect with a different Feminine Business Archetype. If you are on Facebook, join the private group as every day I will come on Livestream to answer questions, give feedback and encouragement, and provide 1:1 coaching.

Additionally, there will be two live sister circles

  • a New Moon circle on Wednesday September 20 at 6:30pm Vancouver/ 9:30pm New York/ Thu Sep 21 11:30am Sydney, where you will experience circle medicine as a sacred practice for your business growth and success; 
  • a closing circle on the Equinox, Friday September 22 at 11am Vancouver/ 2pm New York/ 7pm London, where we can share our experiences, breakthroughs, and inspirations.  

These will be held on Zoom conferencing, which is free and accessible by phone or internet. The calls will be recorded and replays will be sent by email — but please make the effort to attend at least one live if you can. 

I'm pretty new to this spiritual woo-woo stuff. Is that okay?  

Yes! There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience required - just your openness to learn more about yourself. All religious backgrounds are welcome, as long as you are here to discover your own divine feminine expression.

I'm pretty busy. Will this be really involved? 

You should give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to get the most out of this experience. My hope is that you will find the daily prompts to be fun and insightful. You can go at your own pace, and watch the daily Livestream replays when you have time. This is your journey. Plan for the live circle calls to be an hour in length. 

I'm not on Facebook. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. Instead of posting your responses in the group, you can send a reply back to me from the daily emails.

Discover Your Feminine Business Type ~ Monday September 18 - Friday September 22


What sisters are saying...

This was exactly what I needed!! I enjoyed connecting with other goddesses, being able to identify my own blocks and resistance as I moved forward in my healing, and I felt I had a safe place to allow my voice to be heard. I am forever changed. Highly recommend it!” 

-Tracy H.

“I loved how we learned that we can embody any goddess energy (& how to) as well as the fact that femininity is so multifaceted. My journey was filled with aha-moments, intuitive downloads & bursts of insight that have helped both my business & my personal life.” 

- Alexis A.

"This past week has been transformative. I want to thank you all for the space that you've held and for everything that you've shared. I forgot about the power of sisterhood and how incredibly nurturing it is to be among friends, sisters. Thank you for the reminder." 

-Laetitia J.

About Your Facilitator, Flora Ware

I am a dream igniter, Moon Circle Priestess and creatrix of Goddess Dreamschool. As a Spiritual Life & Business Coach, I help visionary entrepreneurs with mindset, marketing, and magic. I am also a speaker, author and certified Sound Healer. 

I have been participating in women’s circles since 1993. I believe circle medicine is much needed for women in the world today. This ancient sacred practice is transformative for our personal and professional lives. I am devoted to creating and holding space for women to hear their soul’s voice, embody their wisdom, and step into their power. 

In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with my soul sisters, I love hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada with my wife and 3 year old son. 

Discover Your Feminine Business Archetype is currently closed. Please join Awaken The Goddess Group to be notified as soon as it opens again.