Moon Magic Sisterhood

The Moon Magic Sisterhood is women coming together with the intention of connecting, uplifting, and transforming. The live virtual sister circles are aligned with the new moon. 

Sisters, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers reflecting in love and empowerment. Together, we are bringing the Divine Feminine back into our remembrance, back into balance with the Divine Masculine.

Each month there is a different theme inspired by astrology. On the new moon circle, we will be deepening into the energy of the current Goddess archetype and theme. Together, we will powerfully hold space for you to remember your own wisdom and power through the medicine of circle.

A few days before the full moon, you will receive additional information by email on spiritual concepts and a guided audio visualization to further support you in working with the theme and Goddess archetype. Attuning to moon magic will reap great rewards in your personal and professional life, as you live in flow and grace on the Goddess path.


Sisterhood is key to activating change;

as we transform ourselves, we transform the world.

Sister Circle Dates and Monthly Goddess themes for 2017/18:

November: Hecate ~ Sun Nov 19

December: Freyja ~ Mon Dec 18
January: Inanna ~ Tue Jan 16
February: Brighid ~ Thu Feb 15
March: Quan Yin ~ Sun Mar 18
April: Aphrodite ~ Mon Apr 16
May: Isis ~ Tue May 15


What’s included in your membership:

♦ Monthly sister circle

Held virtually on video conferencing on the new moon

♦ Bi-monthly love letter in your inbox

Including: mantras to help support your new moon intentions, guided visualizations and rituals to deepen your embodiment of the monthly themes, Goddess art & poetry to bring beauty and magic into your everyday, astrological insights to enhance your knowing and connection to universal rhythms

♦ Lunaversity Seminars

Bi-monthly virtual masterclasses with a guest expert, sharing women’s wisdom on topics related to spirituality, relationships, psychic gifts, and empowerment

♦ Inner Circle Status

Get VIP treatment with advance notice, special pricing, and bonuses for upcoming offerings and events


Join the Moon Magic Sisterhood today!

Two subscription options to join the Moon Magic Sisterhood:

One-year membership (best value): $249

Monthly membership: $25

Enjoy your first month for only $15!

(Discount applied at checkout)


1. You can cancel at any time on the monthly subscription option.
2. There are no refunds on annual membership purchase. I want you to be committed to the full circle of your journey.
3. If you cannot attend a new moon circle live, the recording will be emailed the following day.
4. We will be celebrating Goddesses from many different cultures, and there is no specific religious or spiritual affiliation to this circle sisterhood.
5. Whether you have been attending women’s circles for 25 years like me, or this will be your first one – you are welcome here, sister.

“I was so lucky to be a part of a women’s circle with Flora.  Flora spent each week leading us through blissful meditations and choosing topics to help us grow and reach a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other.  She truly is a an inspiration to work with.  My favourite part of participating in circle with Flora was her ability to connect with a great topic, listen and the advice she shared for deeper insights, not to mention her amazing singing voice!  I highly recommend Flora as a facilitator and I would love to participate in circle with her again and again.  I feel like I grew in person, business and spirit from my time with her.  Thank you Flora!!”

– Keri Fulmore, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Health Solutions

Step into your sacred life with the Moon Magic Sisterhood