At Strength and Soul Wellness you’ll get:

  • the INSPIRATION to transform your life
  • the MOTIVATION you need to stay focused
  • ongoing GUIDANCE to help you succeed
  • and the TOOLS you need to make lasting changes

Hi, we’re Kristy and Flora!

So glad you dropped by. We believe the best place to build a foundation of healthy practices begins at home. Our services combine all the ingredients necessary to develop and maintain healthy habits for life: body, mind and soul. Please leave a comment on the blog, drop us a line, or schedule a free consultation call. We look forward to meeting you!

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One-year Business Anniversary Celebration!

On June 21, 2016, we opened for business. What an amazing first year of business we’ve had! It’s so important to slow down enough in this busy life to reflect on what you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come. We have many reasons to celebrate, 67 in fact. Strength...

Exercise your Happiness

I pull my jersey over my head and immediately the excitement builds in my body. Adrenaline is something I live for and playing ball provides me just that. I drive to the diamond, music blaring from the speakers and visions of throwing the winning pitch or sliding into...

These 3 Important Things Happen When You Show Up for Yourself

“You’re lucky I like you Kristy, otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now.” she says in all honesty. “It’s pouring!” “Well that makes two of us,” I reply with a laugh. “It’s only rain and you did commit to my class so you could get fit right?” I pause. “So, this is part...