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3 Tips for Keeping Composure in the Chaos of Parenting

Sputter, sputter, sput…sput… the car shakes and dies, having run out of fuel 1km from the nearest gas station. “What the heck are we going to do now? This is my worst nightmare come true,” I say, feeling totally guilty for getting us in this predicament in the first...

Easy & Delicious Quinoa Curry Salad

If you like quinoa you are in for a real treat! This simple and delicious salad is a meal in and of itself but also works well as a side dish to a greens salad or chicken.   Ingredients: 1 red onion diced 1 red pepper diced 3 large chard leaves shredded 1 cup cooked...

How to Do A Forgiveness Fire Ceremony

I’m waiting for my toast to be done when a memory painfully washed over me. I lean against the kitchen counter, face in my hands, shoulders shaking, sobbing. I am heartbroken. Then, just as quickly, anger rises up in me: “Why am I still feeling this way? I should be...