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Discover Your Feminine Business Archetype

It's here!!! I'm thrilled to share this with all of you: for many moons I've been in creatrix mode, preparing for this: the FREE 5 day DISCOVER YOUR FEMININE BUSINESS ARCHETYPE guided journey!   Wouldn't you LOVE to understand your feminine biz archetypes, so you...

Faith Over Fear: 7 Ways I Stay Heart-Centered

Painting: FEMME Women Healing the World by Nazim Artist In troubled times, it can be challenging to keep our faith when surrounded by so much fear. I sent this to my email list today, and wanted to share publicly here too: so it's crystal clear, I denounce white...

A Mom’s Best Fitness Tool

Exercise comes second nature to me but I know it doesn’t to everyone. The truth is, that since becoming a mom I have had to get very creative with regards to fitting exercise and movement into my day. The one thing that has remained a constant and is so simple to do,...